The 5th VNUSPA International Digital Salon 2016


2016 / 411

PATRONAGE 2016/411


Each section, will be $18.  So, 3 sections is $18×3 = $54

Yes, you can.  You can fill out the entry form and send your images in DVD along with your payment (in cash) and send it to: Mr. Joseph Hoa Pham  7407 Jayhawk St.  Annandale, VA 22003-5740 USA


Yes you can as long as that image hasn’t send to the other salon within 3 years.
No, you can’t.  Each image can only get one prize.  But one person can get more than one medal/prize.  In the past some people can get 5 medals for their images.
Best Author is selected base on the highest score of all images that he/she sent.
If you have 10 or more individual entrants, then you can get $50 discount.  For example:  FIAP has 10 members and would like to participate in the salon, and each person would like to enter one section.  So, the total is $180.  FIAP will get $50 discount.  FIAP will pay $130 instead.

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